Contest 2013 September Winners

October 4th, 2013 filed under contest of the month

I received a lot of entries for September – it was really nice to see so many great uses of corn for this contest. I enjoyed going through all of the entries, but of course I could only select what I felt were the best five recipes. Here are my top picks for this month. I would like to congratulate the winners and all participants:

1st Place: Cecilia (Double Corn Tortillas)

2nd Place: Nibedita (Spicy Corn Patties)

Congratulations to both of you!!

Thank you to everyone else that also participated in the contest:

  • Tanisha Thakkar
  • Anitha Kirubakaran
  • Tasneem Zafar
  • Santoshbangar
  • Shruti J
  • S.Vasumathi
  • Prajusha
  • Sana Saud
  • Abijita
  • Ramya Indurthi
  • Suhasini Rauthu
  • Hidemi Walsch
  • Deepalakshmi
  • HSharma
  • Vaishali Leuva
  • Mithila Singhvi
  • Latha Pai
  • Bhawna
  • Divya Ravindran
  • Pritam Hemnani
  • Saketh Indurthi
  • Saradhi Indurthi
  • M.Nagalakshmi
  • Vaijayanti Saraf
  • Nikita Kapadia
  • Sravani Kode
  • Anupama
  • Prajna Prabhu
  • Vijaya Saradhi
  • Amrita Bhansali
  • Priya Ramesh
  • Lucky
  • Sohani Pandey
  • Sayli Patli

2 Responses to “Contest 2013 September Winners”

  1. Cecilia says:

    Wow, thanks!! And congrats to everyone else, I have a great list of new recipes to try!

  2. Falak says:

    Congratulations winners!!! You guys rock! :)

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