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August 9th, 2010 filed under News and Updates

Many of you have expressed interest in my suggestions for daily meals.  Below are some suggestions for dinner for the week. These suggestions are efficient and time-saving, as I know how hectic it can get with busy schedules!

Saturday is a good day to begin planning meals for the upcoming week so you can plan to do your grocery shopping and make sure you have all the necessary ingredients on hand.  Then on Sunday, you can begin preparations by chopping all the vegetables (aside from potatoes as they do not hold up too well).  Another time-saving tip is to freeze hari cilantro chutney in ice cube trays. This is a convenient way to store chutney.  Also, tamarind chutney can be refrigerated for about two months.

There are some dishes that can be prepared well in advance (about two days prior to serving).  You can always make changes to dishes prepared ahead of time so it does not seem like leftovers.

One challenge I’ve faced in preparing meals is making dishes suitable to each person’s taste. For example, I prefer spicy food, while my husband enjoys mild dishes.  What I do is prepare mild dishes, but then will also serve with ginger relish, green chili pickle, or any pickle or chutney.

For daily meals I prefer one gravy dish with another vegetable dish. I also serve with plain yogurt or raita, roti or paratha. For your convenience, you can always serve ready-made parathas.

Sample Menu #1

For this menu, you can prepare enough dal and beans to last two days. The first day you can serve dal with just tempering.  You can change the daal up the second day by adding zucchini tadka.  With green beans, on the second day, you can add them to make a sandwich or wrap, using the left over rotis or parathas.

Sample Menu #2

You can make enough sprouted moong and aloo gobi for two days.  You can change the sprouts by adding in plain rice by tempering the oil with asafetida, cumin seeds and whole red chili.  You can use the left over aloo gobi by making a sandwich or wrap using the left over parathas.

Sample Menu #3

For this menu, you can prepare enough dal and cabbage with peas last two days. You can mix cabbage with plain rice this combination taste great.

Sample Menu #4

This is good for a weekend meal and can be served as a lunch or dinner.

Sample Menu #5

This is great for a weekend brunch.

These are some easy and healthy suggestions for quick convenient meals.
Next time I can give some suggestions for get together hoping this will be a help.

8 Responses to “Everyday Menu Suggestions”

  1. Nina says:

    I recently tried the spinach salad and it was delicious. Aunty, thank you for sharing such wonderful recipies !

  2. Jyoti Shah says:

    Hi Manjulla,
    I recently made baklava, after learning from your website for our “bring a dish ” diwali celebration and were greatly enjoyed by all.
    Many thanks for being my teacher.
    Jyoti Shah

  3. Smita says:

    Manjula Aunti,

    Thanks a lot for such a nice blog. Recently I found it and really enjoyed especially your video presentation.

    I am in India but now I will always brows your site for my daily cooking /weekend cooking/or festive cooking.

    Thanks a lot!


  4. Suma says:

    Thank you very much for your wonderful recipes. I love your blog. I loved this post. For me thinking about what to cook is more tiresome than cooking itself :)

  5. Lesley says:

    Thanks. This is really helpful.

  6. Shwetha jain says:

    Hello manjulaji,
    Nice to visit your website..i recently got married and came to australia…i am finding it hard to cook by myself as i had never cooked before as i am from joint family…and i very badly want to learn to cook…i was very unhappy as there are hardly any veg food that tastes good in restraunts…i heard abt your website from one of my fren in us who appreciated ur food and that she has become very good at cooking after learning from ur website….hope i can learn to cook too …but i dont know where to start of can u please help me

  7. Chhaya says:

    I recently found this blog and enjoy browsing through it. The above menu suggestions are really good. I have decided to implement a weekly menu plan hoping to reduce waste and improve efficiency in the kitchen. I will definitely try out these ideas.

  8. Likes2Eat says:

    This is very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to post these sample menus.

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